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About Us

Cheetah Delivery LTD was founded in 1997 and is one of the oldest companies in Israel in the field of distribution.


Cheetah Delivery LTD is currently in the opening trio of the largest courier companies in Israel employed about 400 couriers and another 150 administrative employees.

Cheetah Delivery LTD has 9 branches in strategic locations in Israel:

Ramat Hasharon, Lod (near Ben Gurion Airport), Shoham, Tzora, Omer, Eilat, Emek Hefer, Bat Yam  and Kiryat Ata in the north.

 This ensures a quick and efficient arrival to any place in the country, in an average period of one business day.

Cheetah Delivery LTD has a state-of-the-art fleet of hundreds of vehicles of various sizes and types - from small and large commercial vehicles to 15-ton trucks. All vehicles are equipped with advanced satellite navigation systems, for the purpose of optimizing the service.

The main thing that characterizes Cheetah Delivery LTD is that it provides a comprehensive solution for all types of shipments under one roof and is the only company in Israel that can be proud of this:

1. International and domestic e-commerce shipments and their distribution to the customer's homes or PUDO. We also take full responsibility to all supply chain in Israel. From Custom Clearance to Last Mile.

2. Distribution of parcels to the recipient's homes by prior arrangement with the recipient by advanced technological means and coordination of distribution at the most convenient time to the final recipient – B2C

Distribution of large and heavy parcels to cheetah business partners - B2B.

3. Cheetah Delivery LTD works with 1,300 3rd party PUDO points scattered throughout Israel. This is the largest PUDO network in Israel, which offers customers convenient and advanced collection options close to home.


4. Cheetah Delivery LTD is the only company in israel that opened, this year only, 25 self-service PUDO own by cheetah in the major cities around israel. this PUDO points are willing to handle more than 1,500 parcels per PUDO with a service level that never seen in Israel.

Until next year our own self-service network will increase to 100 own PUDO stores. 

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