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Cheetah Shops

Cheetah Shops - the revolutionary and efficient shipping service at your service.

Chita Shops is a revolutionary and advanced courier service for receiving packages and deliveries through approximately 1300 service centers spread all over the country.

The service centers are located inside retail sales points, private stores, and branches of consumer product chains throughout the country.

With the service, the shipment reaches its destination as quickly as possible (Next Day after is released from customs) and waits for the customer at the Cheetah Shop center near his home that he has chosen in advance.

The service saves the end customers valuable time waiting for the courier, does not require prior coordination and allows the customer to pick up the shipment at the most convenient time.

Benefits of Cheetah Shops service


1. The Cheetah Shops service saves the customer valuable time, does not require prior coordination and allows the customer to pick up the shipment at the most convenient time.


2. Most Cheetah Shops centers operate continuously at least 6 days a week, 12 hours a day - which gives your customers a particularly high availability in picking up the package.


3.The service is cheaper than home delivery, saves costs for you and the customer, and allows you to reduce the price of the product and compete better in a competitive market.


4.The selection of the service center closest to the customer is carried out automatically when entering the shipment in the order interface, which guarantees you maximum ease in placing the order and adjusting the collection point.


5. Hand on the pulse - through SMS messages from the Cheetah Shops service, your customers are updated at every step regarding the shipment and when it arrives at the selected Chita Shops collection center, the customer receives an SMS message with the address and opening hours of the center.


6. Tracking your shipment - from the moment of the order, the customer receives a dedicated URL link where he can be updated on the progress of the shipment. From the moment of ordering to delivery.


7. POD – we are using a dedicated link for the customer self-approve POD - this guarantees the authenticity of 100% POD, and you receive a digital confirmation that includes all the details of the collecting customer.


8. an independent PUDO system owned by Chita

25 large stores that located on central roads in the major cities in Israel. The stores can hold about 1500 packages at any given time and distribute about 700 packages to customers each day.


CHEETAH SHOPS layout map


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